New Online Parishioner Form

Welcome and thank you for wanting to join our parish community. When you register with a parish you become a registered active parishioner. In the Roman Catholic Church, for members to be considered "active" parishioners must be registered, fulfill the Sabbath Commandment by attending Mass faithfully on Sundays, and Holy Days, and continually support the Mission of Christ. The parish cannot grow as a separate entity without the active ongoing relationship among those who compose it. When registering with a parish a person is entering into a life of faith community and like any other relationship if it's to be viable, healthy, and participatory, there must be mutual commitment with its members. Each registered member must understand and appreciate our responsibilities as Christian Stewards of God's Blessings to us, and pray and commit to sharing them with a grateful heart through our time, talent, and treasure. The use of envelopes provides a record of Mass attendance which is of utmost importance for our spiritual health and nourishment of our common Christian identity as the family of God. Accordingly, the use of envelopes is not primarily about money, but spiritual growth, healing, and nourishment within the context of our local spiritual family of faith.   Please click on the link below and print out the registration form. Once completed, you can return it to our parish office, drop it in the collection basket at Mass, or email it to rosab@stjohnwinfield.org. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our parish family!

New Parishioner Registration Form