Religious Ed overview

Welcome to our Religious Education Program.  We are a lectionary based program, beginning in Preschool and continuing through High School Youth Ministry.  Grades Preschool through 5th grade meet weekly for 1 hour and 15 minutes  beginning in mid September and ending in late April/early May. We begin each session in the school hall for Opening Prayer and announcements then travel to our assigned rooms. Grades 6th-8th meet bi-monthly for 2 hours beginning in church for Opening Prayer and announcements.  6th grade then meets in Sebahar Hall and on alternate weeks 7th grade meets in small groups in Sebahar Hall and 8th grade meets in small groups in the school.  

Our staff consists of over 100 dedicated volunteers, catechists and aides.  Classes are held in the school classrooms, parish offices, Sebahar Hall, church and chapel.  The average class size is 15. Our policy is to have 2 adults in the class at all times.  Our priests will visit upon request and each class is responsible for their own service projects.  Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to join us for class.